Rainbow Lake Park


3489 Rainbow Lake Drive Lakeside, Arizona 85929 Phone 928-369-8779

Age Restrictive Park 

Park Rules and Guidelines  (Revised 02/2021, effective 04/01/2021) 

Rainbow Lake Park takes great pride in offering you a world of relaxation, entertainment and beauty. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a clean, attractive, happy home for you and our other residents. 


Occupancy is limited to two adults per unit. No renting or advertising of occupancy is permitted. However, owner of unit retains right to have a friend or relative occupy the unit. Reimbursement is restricted to only the lot fee and/or electric cost from of the unit and will need management approval. The owner and any non-owner occupant must complete an application to be approved by the manager. This approval for occupancy needs to comply with Age Restrictive guidelines. Owner of unit is fully responsible for occupant’s compliance with rules and guidelines. 

Residents are responsible for guests and children. Children (under the age of 18) must be supervised by an adult at all times in the park and when using the Clubhouse. There is a limit of two weeks per season for children to visit the park. 

A registration form must be filled out by each resident, showing mobile home make, year, serial number, legal owner and license number if required. If there is a lien on the mobile home, the lien holder, is also to be provided. Residents must give notice to park management within ten days of any changes in a new lien, changes of existing lien or settlement of lien. 

Use of Common Areas 

The Clubhouse is open for activities from April 1 through October 31. Activities are intended for the residents and unless posted otherwise are not open to the public. Residents may bring guests if space permits. The schedule is normally posted on bulletin board on the Clubhouse porch. All residents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer to help with and participate in park activities. Residents may schedule private activities or parties at the Clubhouse on a limited and not-to-interfere basis (i.e. the schedule approved and posted by the Activity Committee). Residents are responsible for cleaning the facility, and replacing any supplies used. Please contact the Activity Committee and the Park Manager well in advance for approval. Guests are requested to use the parking area on 4th Street. 

Mailboxes are centrally located next to the Clubhouse. Please notify your home post office of your space number and the zip code to assure prompt delivery of your mail. Your address is 3489 Rainbow Lake Drive, Space ___, Lakeside, AZ, 85929 


Pets are accepted only at the discretion of the management. Pets are limited to two per household. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times while outdoors and must not disturb neighbors. If your neighbors are complaining you will need to take care of the matter. Constantly barking dogs or unattended barking dogs left in units will not be tolerated. Please take your pet with you or ensure that your dog does not bark while you are away. When walking pets, please pick up and dispose of any droppings. 


All contractors and service providers must be licensed bonded and insured and must submit that information to management prior to working on the premises. Management will maintain a list of contractors that have provided the required paperwork on an approved service provider list. In the event a resident does not comply, and uses a worker that does not meet the criteria, resident is solely responsible for any liability or injury of that worker.  

Each residence must be properly winterized for the cold weather. Water must be turned off with the underground valve (the one which requires a “tee wrench” to operate) when leaving for the winter. We prefer that a licensed plumber operate this valve, as if you –should break it it will be your responsibility to have it repaired. Please note that significant amounts of snow can accumulate, up to six feet during some years. Most mobile homes when properly set up, are designed to handle this. But additions such as awnings or carports may not be. Please make sure additional bracing is in place for your winterizing. The park will not be responsible for any damage caused by water or heavy snow loads. Additionally, any excessive water use due to pipe breakage when the underground valve is not turned off will be charged to the responsible resident as per the rental agreement. 

For seasonal residents only: Electricity used by leaving on appliances during the winter will be billed at the end of May. We recommend that all appliances be turned off, unplugged and the main power switch be turned off at the electrical panel. 

Per ARS 33-1451 Residents are responsible to maintain the foliage and trees on their lots at the resident’s expense. Residents are solely responsible for their safety while performing landscaping or maintenance Management recommends the use of approved landscaper. If the resident prefers a different company, required documentation must be submitted and approved by management before the resident’s landscaper does any work. Before cutting or trimming trees or bushes or planting any trees, residents must obtain permission from the park management. Rainbow Lake Mobile Home Park, Inc. reserves the right to approve any removal of trees greater than 3 inches in diameter at their base. The manager may approve of smaller items. Planting non-native trees must be approved in advance and is discouraged. We want to keep the mountain “forest” appearance. No structure, fence, post, deck, or shed (prior to construction approved by management) shall be constructed within 3 feet of a tree. For properties that in the past have constructed approved structures with less than these limits, the property shall be adjusted in all possible ways before the removal of tree will be considered by owner. Removal of any tree that is impacting a structure shall be at resident’s expense and shall only be done upon owner’s approval. Owner may remove any dead or diseased trees at owner’s expense and sole discretion. At owner’s discretion, owner may remove dead limbs on a periodic basis. If the resident thinks it is a real danger and the owner does not share their urgency, the resident may have dead branch removed at resident’s expense. 

To maintain the beauty of our park, please keep all extra construction materials, cans, empty flower pots, gardening tools, wood, wire, roofing material, etc., behind solid skirting or in a small storage shed (previously approved by management) in such a manner as none is visible from the street. Piles of discarded or unused material must not be left behind any unit for more than a month. Please arrange with management to have these items removed. Ladders, tarps, tools, laundry equipment, refrigerators/freezers must be stored or placed in a manner not visible by your neighbors. Owners are required to keep their units in good repair. Excessive amounts of peeling paint, damage, broken windows, and other eyesores and/or hazards are not acceptable and must be repaired or corrected. Residents must obtain prior color approval from management before painting their unit or any sheds or fences.  Furniture used on a covered or non-covered patio or porch must be designed and manufactured for outdoor use. 

The park hires a grounds maintenance contractor to clean up the area each spring. Each lot will be raked. There is a nominal charge for all residents in April for this service. Please be sure the contractor has access to all areas to be raked. Those areas you want left alone should be clearly marked. The contractor normally charges extra for roof and rain gutter clean out of your mobile home. For seasonal only residents, please let the management know if you would like this service before the end of the previous season (i.e. in October for the following spring clean-up). 

Motor Vehicles 

Parking area for your automobile is adjacent to or in front of your unit. 

Boats, RV or Trailers are not allowed to be stored next to your unit. There is a storage area available for boats and extra vehicles adjacent to the park. Also there is extra vehicle parking at the end of 4th Street. Please use designated areas to avoid congestion in the streets. 

No washing of automobiles, boats or RV’s on the property, including the RV storage lot. 

The speed limit on park premises is posted at 8 miles per hour. Please remember that speeding not only creates a safety hazard, but also dust. Please be courteous to the other residents and slow down! No autos, trucks, motorcycles, or motorbikes with loud exhausts (determined by management) shall be operated in the park. Horses are not allowed in the park. 

Purchase, Sale or Replacement of Units 

You may place a fact sheet in a box in front of your unit or participate in units available flyer at the clubhouse, and website tab. Your house may be advertised but no “for sale” permitted except directly on the unit. Due to liability reasons, we cannot show your place, act as a representative, or negotiate for you. A licensed real estate broker or agent may represent owners of trailers or mobile homes for sale. 

Before any sale is executed, the prospective buyer must sign a written statement, stating that he/she has received a copy of and understands the rental agreement and rules. Management will be happy to provide a copy at any time. Rainbow Lake Mobile Home Park reserves the right not to lease to individuals pursuant to federal and state laws. 

All replacement mobile homes must be coordinated with management. Year and size must be approved before purchasing. For spaces 1 through 70, our electrical service only allows 50 amps using a “plug-in” type hook-up. This service may be increased to 70 amps if the resident hires an electrical contractor to permanently connect their unit to the meter box using upgraded wire and conduit. Spaces 71 through 102 have 100-amp service provided by Navopache. For travel trailers, we suggest if you need more room, that you consider replacing your unit with a mobile home or park model. We think you and your neighbors will ultimately be happier. Screened-in porches and “Arizona” rooms will be considered. All additions such as porches, sheds, fences (including wire fences), radio or television antennas, etc., must be approved by management before any work begins. All construction work must be permitted by Navajo County. All residents must have their homes skirted within 45 days. Water and sewer hookups must be solid pipe (copper, PEX, PVC, or galvanized steel). Flexible hose used for recreational vehicles, appliance hook-up and garden hoses are not acceptable. 

Additional Use of Property: 

Washers and dryers are permitted in units or in sheds. Clothes drying lines must be in the back of your unit and not strung on trees. A square “umbrella” type unit is required. There is a small laundry facility in the Clubhouse. 

Storage sheds are limited to 2 sheds per lot. All sheds added to the property are to be approved by management. 

No personal or resident yard sale, patio sale, etc., is permitted within the park. An ad with no more than 2 Items may be posted on the bulletin board. Park wide one-day “garage sales“ may be held on an annual basis at the requests of the residents. A notice may be posted on the bulletin board. 

With your cooperation, we can continue to enjoy a beautiful and wonderful place to live. The best in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona!